The Company


Alitrans offers its customers a combination of reliability, speed, flexibility, cost effectiveness and custom-made services in logistics. For more 40 years, our company's operating philosophy has been on providing specialized, customer-specific logistics management services for companies operating in the petrolchimical sector.

ALITRANS operates as"a logistics partner"working in close cooperation with its customers - producers or dealers - developing a seamless integration with their organization and allowing them to enjoy crucial competitive advantages in marketing and selling products to their client base.

In addition ALITRANS offers to its customers comprehensive advice in a number of areas related to logistics such as: stock management, product distribution and administrative and fiscal issues.


ALITRANS was estabilished in 1979 and has developed specific expertise in a number of areas:

  • Mineral oils and derivates for the automotive sector and commercial vehicles
  • Industrial lubrificants and derivates for industrial and agricultural machinery
  • Oils, lubrificants and fluids for miscellaneous applications
  • Miscellaneous energy products and related
  • Chemical products and accessories for automotive maintenance
  • Cleaning and protecting products
  • Raw material for industry
  • Additives
  • Other chemical products for industrial applications and ADRs

With over 7.000 square meters of storage space ALITRANS can provide state-of-the-art product stocking and handling machinery, tailor-made I.T. solutions that allow optimal interface with its customers' platforms and experienced personnel, with highly specific skills in the field.


Increasingly volatile market conditions require companies to minimize stocks and yet maintain the ability to respond to their customer request in a very fast and highly flexible manner.This required Tecnology and Security/Safety standard to play an increasingly important role in a ever more complex logistics sector.

We have consistently upgraded our I.T. systems over the years, allowing ALITRANS to offer to its clients the highest quality of service, the most efficient and cost-effective
use of our warehouse space and a smooth integration with their own logistics systems.

ALITRANS has committed substantial investments over the course of the year to the Safety (sprinkler system) and Security (surveillance and intrusion detection system) of its warehouses, premises and sorrounding areas.
We have a state-of-art combined systems 24/24 h 7/7 d, which is 100% compliant with the latest, demanding sector regulations.


Our management system is certified by ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) | ISO 14001:2015 (Ambientale).

Our policies in respect of Quality and the Environment reflect the following principles:

We are convinced that every employee can contribute to the continuous improvement of their job within the team; to make the activities simple and effective also through training sessions, meetings and exchanges of ideas. The goal is to obtain a good return from the company processes carried out by our staff, in order to optimize the performance.
Preserving safety, health and environment is our priority and therefore everyone can contribute respecting the rules defined but also providing suggestions.

The primary objective of Alitrans is to use the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System as a management tool for all of the organization's processes in order to meet the needs and expectations of Clients and identified Stakeholders and to achieve and maintain, through the provision of its services, a primary reputation for quality and respect for the environment.

In this regard, Alitrans is convinced that the activity key point is the competence and the motivation of the staff. For this reason, we believe that the success of our business cannot be separated from a real involment of all staff, who must feel as a decisive part of the results obtained and work in a favorable climate.

To achieve these objectives, Alitrans intends to follow this policy:

  • acquisition of the new skills required
  • consolidation of historical customers and expansion towards new customers
  • providing services that comply with the customers' requirements, regulations and legislation in force
  • ensuring that the company complies with the requirements for environmental protection
  • pursuing continuous improvement of its environmental performance
  • preventing accidents that may have direct or indirect consequences on the environment, by enstabilishing appropriate emergency management procedures aimed at an effective prompt containment of impacts, also in co-operation with the relevant bodies
  • optimizing the use of energy resources, by monitoring consumption and through preventive maintenance of plants and equipment
  • adaptation of its infrastructures to new business needs arising from the context
  • continuous improvement of service and its own performance.

Economic performance and commitment remain prerogatives of the Company in order to rely on the liquidity needed to meet the needs of its stakeholders, but also a fundamental prerequisite so that choices for improvement, consolidation and expansion can be supported.

Warehousing and logistics in petrochemical industry