ALITRANS offers its customers a combination of reliability, speed, flexibility, cost effectiveness and custom-made services in logistics. For more than 40 years, our company’s operating philosophy has been based on providing specialized , customer-specific logistics management services for companies operating in the petrolchemical sector. ALITRANS operates as a “logistics partner”, working in close cooperation with its customers – producers or dealers – developing a seamless integration with their organization and allowing them to enjoy crucial competitive advantages in marketing and selling products to their client base.

Established in 1979, ALITRANS has developed specific expertise in a number of areas:

  • Mineral oils and derivates for the automotive serctor and commercial vehicles
  • Industrial lubrificants and derivates for industrial and agricultural machinery
  • Oils, lubricants and fluids for miscellaneous applications
  • Chemical products and accessories for automotive maintenance
  • Cleaning and protecting products
  • Raw material for industry
  • Additives and other chemical products for industrial applications and ADRs

In addition ALITRANS offers to its customers comprehensive advice in a number of areas related to logistics such as: stock management, product movement, product distribution and administrative and fiscal issues.

With over 7.000 square meters of storage space ALITRANS can provide state-of-the-art product stocking and handling machinery, tailor-made I.T. solutions that allow optimal interface with its customers’ platforms and experienced personnel, with highly specific skills in the field.

Alitrans obtained the following certifications:
ISO 9001:2015 (Qualità)ISO 14001:2015 (Ambientale)